Podcast: The PAC Process – The Designer

Yes, I love the design … but what will it cost?

Podcast by Undercover Architect “Get it Right” – Featuring Aaron Wailes, GreenCoast

Aaron (GreenCoast) and Amelia (Undercover Architects) have been friends for years through the building industry. Amelia interviews Aaron in this insightful podcast.

Read below the transcribed topics covered:

“One of the big challenges in any custom renovation or building project is this: how can you explore all the design options and seeing what’s possible for your future home – and at the same time – know it will fit in your budget and be affordable?

As someone who has worked a lot with homeowners through that design phase, it’s a hard balance. Because if you’re working with a professional designer, you want to explore and test ideas, and have fun with what’s possible. That’s why you work with a professional, isn’t it? To push beyond what you could do yourself, and get the very best outcome for your future home.

And at the same time, with each decision and ‘oooh, that’s such a great idea comes a ‘but can we afford it’?

Far too many people don’t test if they can really afford all those design ideas until they’re fully committed and all drawn up.” – Amelia, Undercover Architects.

Aaron Wailes chats with Amelia from Undercover Architects on the PAC Process, and how it works as the designer in the process.

In this episode, Aaron and Amelia discuss:

  • GreenCoast Building Design and how things have changed since the last time he was on the podcast.
  • How many builders he works with using the PAC Process
  • What happens as part of the initial query (when a client first gets in touch)
  • The most common questions and concerns from clients about the PAC Process
  • The main things Aaron has to be aware of as a designer, knowing he’s working for, and commissioned by the client
  • The greatest source of confusion in this process
    Plus his big tips to get it right when using the PAC Process

We cover a lot of ground in this chat!
Listen to the episode now.