Podcast: Know your Team – Building Designer

Podcast by Undercover Architect “Get it Right” – Featuring Aaron Wailes, GreenCoast

(Season 4, Episode #46)
What does a Building Designer do? 

Aaron (GreenCoast) and Amelia (Undercover Architects) have been friends for years through the building industry. Amelia interviews Aaron in this insightful podcast, below are the transcribed topics covered.

“In this episode, we’ll be diving into the role of Building Designer. Aaron Wailes is a Brisbane-based licensed Building Designer, with over 15 years of industry experience.

Now, Aaron is a friend and colleague I’ve known for many, many years.

Aaron and I first met at Mirvac over a decade ago. When 5 colleagues and I set up our architectural practice, DC8 Studio, Aaron was our first crew member.

And, Aaron and I have continued to partner with each other to deliver projects in our respective businesses. In fact, if you’ve checked out the Project Diary on the UA blog, where we’re following the renovation of a Queenslander cottage, you’ll see Aaron was responsible for the documentation and on-site management of the project.

Aaron set up AWBD – or Aaron Wailes Building Design in 2009. He and his wife had been living and working overseas in the United Kingdom for some time, and they returned to Brisbane to set up AWBD Design Consultants. In 2020 the business went through a rebrand to Greencoast Building Design.

Aaron is incredibly passionate about good design. He’s worked across many different project types, from retirement living, housing developments, apartments and office buildings … both here in Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

One of the things I love about how Aaron works is the way his practical construction knowledge gets brought together with his design skills. When you work with a designer, you want them mentally building whilst they design. So, what I mean by this, is that as they’re drawing lines in a design concept, they’re also thinking about the constructability, the structural design … how all these things come together to meet your brief and your budget. Aaron works in this way with his clients to help deliver them great results.

Aaron is also a gun on Revit, which is a 3D computer documentation tool. So, Aaron will ‘build’ the project inside the computer, before it gets built on site. It’s a great way to uncover and anticipate any issues at the drawing stage – which in turn manages your risk on site during construction. And whenever a designer works with you in 3D, it helps you see the solution before the solution is built, and have that design vision communicated to you.

It’s great to sit down with Aaron to talk about the role of the building designer, and his tips on how to find one, how they’ll help and the way to get the best in working with one.

This is about the WHO, the WHAT, the WHEN and the WHY of using a building designer for your renovation or building project.”

Amelia – Undercover Architect

We cover a lot of ground in this chat!
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